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Professional real estate photographer in Brussels, I provide my services to agencies, architects, as well as to any individual wishing to obtain quality photos to showcase a property.
Houses & Buildings
Showcase the interior, the facades and the garden...
Modern photos of your property...
Make the most of limited space...

My expertise as a real estate photographer helps me to enhance your property.
A flat in Uccle, a house in Waterloo, each shooting and each client is unique.

Whatever the size of the house, photography tells a story, that of your property and your choices of decoration.
Both the interior and exterior are photographed, with images of architectural details to bring out the charm of your home.

Based in Ixelles, I operate in the 19 municipalities and in the Walloon Brabant.
On request, I also travel to the other regions of Belgium and abroad.

Are you estate agents , an architect or a private individual?
Do you want to sell or rent a property?

Brussels real estate photographer picture of a design bathroom
photo immobilière d'une maison ancienne avec des vitraux au-dessus d'une porte

Frequent questions to a real estate photographer...

Smartphones, even recent ones, are not able to cover the narrow angle of flats.
Professional equipment is therefore necessary, but not sufficient.

Knowing how to frame and edit your photos is essential to obtain the best possible result.
Only a professional and specialised real estate photographer will have the necessary equipment and, above all, the expertise to take striking photos of your flat.
The experience of atypical properties, shadowy rooms, backlighting…
This is the reason why clients contact me before putting a property up for rent.

When you want to put your house up for sale, or put a flat up for rent on AirBnB, illustrating the advert with beautiful photos is key. You will be competing against thousands of ads, so you need to be visible and make your ad attractive.
The quality of the illustrations will allow your property to stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, the sale of a realty is mostly done via ads published on the internet.
A few tenths of a second are enough to decide whether to click on an ad or not.
The human brain will naturally be more attracted to a beautiful, clear and well-framed photograph.
Dark or blurred real estate images have little chance of being heard by potential buyers.

The duration of the shooting is closely linked to the size of your property.
The number of floors, rooms and the presence (or not) of a garden can considerably affect the workload.
It is essential to listen to the client’s expectations. Depending on the specific wishes, the workload can vary considerably.

The first step is a walk around the property to discover it and assess the work.
At this stage, I already look for my framings and a shooting angle for the session.
Once the scouting is done, I set up my equipment.

The camera is attached to the tripod, I then methodically start shooting each room of the house.
Different angles are needed in each room in order to obtain a result that covers the entire property.

Home staging is essential before proceeding with a real estate photo shoot.
If it were a portrait photo shoot, home staging would be the “real estate make-up session”.

It consists of conscientiously tidying up the interior, and even making substantial changes to the decoration in order to enhance the property. This means making the photos more attractive by cleaning up the architecture.
Once the interior is brighter and tidier, the photographer can offer even more beautiful services.

Real estate photography is not limited to identifying the best framing and correctly exposing the photographs.
Post-processing is essential to obtain a perfect result. Each selected image is therefore edited in terms of brightness, contrast, white balance and colorimetry.

When the photos are delivered to the client, the professional real estate photographer provides only retouched images. The photographer’s know-how and his mastery of tools such as Photoshop will make the difference between amateur photographers and professional real estate photography.

I am a real estate photographer in Brussels, but I travel throughout the metropolitan area and regularly in the Walloon Brabant region (Waterloo, La Hulpe, Genval, Lasne,…).
Travel within the 19 municipalities is included in my rates, I ask 0.6 euros/km for any service in Belgium (outside of Brussels).

Passionate about design and architecture.
I like to showcase houses, buildings and flats.


Mo-Fr 09:00 - 19:00, Sa-Su 10:00 - 16.00